About the company

Dimat-Ganchevi Ltd. was established in 1993 with entirely private financial capital. Since the establishment of the company, our primary business activity has been the production of transformers, and trade in electrical materials and equipment. We both carry on wholesale trade, providing materials and equipment, and work with private customers. Our main concern to our customers, in addition to rapid and high-quality commercial service, is to provide quality technical advisory services, as we are oriented to the satisfaction of the client’s specific enquiry. It is our highly skilled staff and honesty in our relationships with customers and suppliers that mainly contribute to the successful development of the company. The company's strategy, which our experts follow, is to be of service to the client, to answer their questions and provide them with technical solutions, in accordance with the European standards. Our company maintains a long-standing partnership with the Italian companies LOVATO ELECTRIC and BROLLO. We have our own showroom in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Hristo Smirnenski, 25 Sofia St. We have made a good name for being professionals in the production of transformers and trading with electrical materials and equipment. This is the reason why we work with clients from all over the country. We also successfully cooperate with a number of companies in Bulgaria. We are waiting for you in our showroom, open to new ideas and products in the field of electrical material, and ready to share our long experience!

Tommy Ganchev


Our products meet all European safety standards. The products we offer are strictly and carefully controlled on a regular basis. Both isolation voltage for 2.5 kV and 4 kV, and short-circuit current are measured, depending on the particular type of transformers.